Name: Rachel Baxter (And local crafters and artisans)

Business name: Hand Made Kaikoura

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Keywords: Handcrafts, Local Art & Crafts, fabric, toys, hand knits, crochet, children's clothing, Kaikoura Art Trail


Rachel Baxter

Name: The Crafty Place

Description: The Crafty Place is open to all ages. It is a great place for new residents to get to know others, do their crafts, share knowledge, and learn new skills, in the company of others. Folk are welcome to stay for as long, or as short as they like.

WHEN - 10:00am till 2:00pm on Mondays & Thursdays
WHERE - 22 Beach Road, opposite the Op Shop

Keywords: Handcrafts, Local Art & Crafts, knitting, toys, sewing, crochet, Kaikoura Art Trail

Sewing & Crafts